Puppy Kindergarten

Lathrop Veterinary Center would like to invite you to Puppy Kindergarten!

The goal of puppy kindergarten is to provide your dog with a safe socialization environment and start laying the foundation for further training.

Classes will cover: off-leash playtime with other puppies, proper socialization, recalls, bite inhibition, exposure to different surfaces, noises, smells, impulse control, potty training, handling skills, manners, crate training, name recognition, sit, down, activities to properly prepare puppies to be calm and confident dogs, and more!

Class is taught by Nicole Maples, who has an Animal Science degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and became an Accredited Pet Trainer in 2003. She is also the owner of Smart Dawg University in Manteca, CA

Puppies must be between 6 to 16 weeks of age by the first day of class. Da2pp vaccinations must be administered at a veterinary hospital and the puppy must be up to date according to age for each class.

The price for the six week course is $125.

Puppies on the Puppy Plan at Lathrop and Jules Veterinary Center will receive 10% off tuition.

Contact Lathrop Veterinary Center to register today!

17600 Golden Valley Parkway. Lathrop CA 95330

209 944 7387

Class size is limited.

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