The Healthy Pet Challenge/Contest

Obesity is a growing problem in our beloved pets, but we know it is hard to maintain a healthy weight. Long work hours, cold and rainy weather, too much concrete and not enough dog parks . . .the list goes on! As owners and animal lovers, we want the best for our four-legged friends. By battling obesity, your pet will be on its way to a longer life, good health, and decreased risk for arthritis and other life-threatening diseases.

Now, Losing weight can be as simple as feeding your pet! Science Diet Metabolic food (and treats!) contains ingredients that actually increase metabolism and the total volume fed is more than most other weight-loss diets! Ask any staff member for more information and to get registered for the contest!

Great Prizes for Winners!
First Place — $250 of veterinary care
Second Place — Free yearly vaccination
Third Place — Free bag of food

Contest Rules:
Purchase Science Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution food through Jules Veterinary Center (JVC) — orders placed every Thursday

2) Pet’s measurements must be taken and recorded by JVC staff

3) Amount of food (+/- treats) will be calculated by JVC staff

4) Weigh-in every 2 weeks to chart progress; 2 months total

5) Separate canine and feline categories

6) Winners will be decided based on percentage of body fat lost at end of contest

7) Sign-up period ends February 28, 2013

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