We Now Offer Laser Therapy!

What is Laser Therapy?

The Companion therapy laser system sends photons, or packets of light energy, deep into tissue without damaging it. These photons are absorbed within the mitochondria of the cells and induce a chemical change called “photo-bio-modulation”. This light energy then inspires production of ATP in the cell. ATP is the fuel, or energy, cells need for repair and rejuvenation. Impaired or injured cells do not make this fuel at an optimal rate. Increased ATP production leads to healthier cells, healthier tissue, and healthier animals.

Help your pet heal with therapy laser. Drug Free. Surgery Free. Relief for your pet. Therapy Lasers have been scientifically proven and successful in treating post-surgical pain and many acute and chronic conditions.
→ Acute Conditions
→ Wounds
→ Allergies
→ Infections
→ Cuts/ Bites
→ Inflammations
→ Tooth Extraction Pain Relief
→ Sprains, Strains & Fractures
→ Post-Surgical Healing / Pain Relief
→ Chronic Conditions
→ Degenerative Joint Disease
→ Inflammatory Bowel Disease
→ Periodontal Disease
→ Lick Granulomas
→ Geriatric Care
→ Hip Dysplasia
→ Feline Acne
→ Tendonitis
→ Arthritis

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of laser therapy for your pet.

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